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The Band Director's Guide to Arranging for the Marching Band by Jeffrey Waggoner

The Band Director’s Guide to Marching Band Arranging is designed for any band director (or other musician) who wants to create music for marching bands but is unsure how to start. In addition to covering basic topics like instrumentation, voicings, and notation conventions, the book digs into other issues that are important for arrangers to consider, such as evaluating the ensemble, developing good musical form and contour, writing easy arrangements, and developing a band’s signature “sound.” The book shows how to work with the music notation program Sibelius as a virtual sketchpad, as well as how to use the program to create teaching tools for marching performers. Two versions of a sample arrangement are provided, written at two different levels of difficulty.



Mastering Score Study

by Dr. Timothy Topolewski


This material will suggest to you exciting theories in learning and show you how to apply them to personal score mastery. By applying the information presented to you in this study guide, you will be able to organize, customize and streamline your score study. It will give you the confidence to tackle any learning challenge.




12 Keys To Success – A Comprehensive Daily Warm-Up Routine For The Ensemble or Individual by Mitch McNallan

These books were created to be used as a Daily Warm-up Routine for an Individual or Ensemble at any level of experience. Each book is designed to reinforce the value of playing Scales, Long Tones and Intervals on a daily basis. At first glance each book appears basic. It was designed that way. However, with a little imagination each book provides a teacher a resource of great flexibility. The ultimate goal is to provide students with exercises guaranteed to develop the skills essential to being great instrumentalists.